Two ways to create a healthy environment for the people who work at your industrial facility

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Working in any type of industrial facility can take its toll on a person's health. If you would like to make more of an effort to provide the people who work at your facility with a healthy environment, the advice provided here could help you to do this.

Take action immediately if your air quality consultant observes a decline in your facility's air quality.

Because industrial businesses often use dozens of chemicals as well as fume-generating equipment when manufacturing their products, the people who run these businesses must have the air quality in their facilities tested regularly.

If during a recent inspection, the professional whose air quality services you use noted a significant decline in your facility's air quality, you should take action immediately to address the issues that this expert stated were the cause of this decline. For example, if whilst performing their work, they observed that the door to your welding room was in poor condition and that this resulted in some of the fumes from this room (which are very toxic) escaping and reaching areas where employees were not wearing respiratory protection, you should get this door replaced immediately.

Whilst the amount of fumes that these employees might breathe in is probably quite small (and as such, might not be viewed as an urgent environmental matter by some), the inhalation of these hazardous chemicals could have a cumulative effect over time and cause them to very gradually develop lung-related health issues. As such, if you want to be a responsible employer, you must deal with this matter immediately.

Consider soundproofing the noisiest parts of the facility.

Much of the equipment that is commonly found in an industrial facility makes a lot of noise. Things like conveyor belts, industrial mixers, cutting machines, and air-powered chutes are all decidedly loud. If possible, you should consider soundproofing the areas of your facility that are the noisiest (you can determine this by using a decibel metre).

The reason for this is as follows; being subjected to environmental noise pollution, in the form of loud machinery sounds that they cannot control, day in and day out, could affect your employees' physical and psychological health. In addition to increasing their risk of getting tinnitus and experiencing the mental distress that comes along with this condition, it could also leave them feeling constantly on-edge and stressed. By getting the areas where the most offensively loud machinery is located soundproofed, you could stop these noises from travelling to other areas and causing the people in these places to get stressed-out.


16 October 2019

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