Tips for Disposing of Pesticides Safely

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The presence of pests in your business premise can turn away customers and potential clients. They also make the working environment unbearable for staff. Luckily, common pest problems have effective solutions, and pesticides are an excellent means of eliminating the crawlies. However, the rules and regulations governing the usage of pesticide are subject to changes, and a particular brand might be banned while you still have it in stock. Since you cannot use banned pesticides, it is advisable to dispose of them. Although some rubbish removalists provide collection services for hazardous material like pesticides, you still need to be vigilant when disposing of them. Here are useful tips for disposing of used and unused pesticide containers from your premise.

Read the Labels  

You will be surprised at the number of people who take the time to read all the information on pesticide labels — not many. Most users fail to read the guidelines despite the resourcefulness regarding the safe disposal of pesticides. Most importantly, do not assume that all hazardous materials are disposed of the same way. Before tossing pesticide containers — empty or full — in your skip bin, ensure that you have read all the information on the label. It will help you understand the toxicity levels you are dealing with. Moreover, a label will give directions on the proper disposal of the product. For instance, the toxicity levels of some pesticides drop over time, and you cannot dispose of the containers in conventional skip bins. Additionally, some labels include contact numbers of rubbish removal services, which you can call for guidance on safe disposal.

Retain Copies of Waste Paperwork  

Disposal of pesticides must follow strict guidelines for safety reasons and environmental preservation. In some cases, users are required to retain all the paperwork related to the disposal of pesticides. For example, a hazardous waste manifest is a crucial document issued by a rubbish removal company. It helps track pesticides leaving your site and other critical information, such as quantity and disposal site. Keeping paperwork copies of hazardous waste disposal goes a long way in protecting your business from fines and penalties due to non-compliance.

Keep Original Pesticide Containers  

Pesticide containers can get damaged before you finish the content. When this happens, it is advisable to transfer the contents to another container and retain the original bottle. Unfortunately, most people decide to rinse off the original containers and dispose of them carelessly. You can never be thorough enough when rinsing damaged pesticide containers, and that is why you should retain them for collection by garbage removal services. Even if it seems that you have many empty plastic containers, always leave the disposal exercise to licensed rubbish removalists.

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14 December 2020

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