Critical Obligations for Borehole Owners

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Water scarcity is quickly becoming a global problem, making the commodity an expensive resource. In this regard, it is vital to opt for cost-effective water sources, and a borehole is one of them. Although not easily accessible, bore water provides the convenience and sustainability that homeowners are looking for. Unfortunately, most borehole owners do not know their obligations regarding the management of the resource. This article explores the essential commitments of every borehole owner. 

Protection Against Pollution

Groundwater sources vary in size, and it is common to find several fairly spaced boreholes siphoning bore water from a single groundwater source. Therefore, before commissioning a borehole, it is vital to protect it from pollution. Finishing off the top of a borehole is the first step towards preventing contamination since it prevents run-off water from entering the opening. Additionally, the area around a borehole should be fenced to protect it against pesticides and underground wastewater pollution. If you do not adequately protect your borehole, you risk polluting bore water in an entire aquifer.  

Water Conservation

As mentioned earlier, water is quickly becoming a scarce resource, partly attributed to diminishing groundwater sources. Thus, strategic use of bore water is recommended to prevent wasting an already scarce resource. For instance, if you are using bore water for irrigation purposes, it is advisable to irrigate late in the afternoon to reduce water loss through evaporation; hence, saving significant amounts of bore water. Another bore water-saving strategy is installing a run-water system in a borehole. During pumping, any excess water is directed through the run-off system to a storage tank. The more proactive you are at conserving bore water, the easier you make it for other borehole owners to share an aquifer.  

Borehole Maintenance

If your area has a community-owned borehole, you have to contribute to the cost of maintenance. However, most community boreholes fail because users do not bother with regular servicing. If you do not contribute to borehole maintenance initiatives, the chances are high that other users will also not bother. Over time, you will end up with a malfunctioned borehole, which cannot cater to the community's water needs. In a worst-case scenario, a neglected borehole might become contaminated and cause large-scale food poisoning. Therefore, whether you own a borehole or use a community-owned facility, you have an integral role to play regarding maintenance and servicing.

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20 July 2021

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