Four Things That Can Happen If You Don't Have Regular Fire System Maintenance

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If you're a business owner with a commercial fire alarm system, it's important to have regular maintenance done on it. This helps ensure your safety and that of your employees. If you don't have regular maintenance done on your fire alarm system, here are four things that can happen.

1) You Could Be At Risk Of Fire

Fire systems are made up of many different pieces, including sprinklers and smoke detectors. All of these pieces work together to ensure that if there is a fire in your building, then it will be detected quickly and extinguished before it causes too much damage. However, if you don't have regular maintenance done on your fire alarm system, then it's possible that some of the pieces could become faulty. If this happens, then your system may not work as well as it should and you'll be at a higher risk of a fire. 

2) The Battery Backup For Your Fire Alarm System May Run Out Of Power Or Fail To Work Properly

The battery backup for your fire alarm system is there to ensure that the system will continue to work even if the power goes out. This is because it's important to have a fully-functioning fire alarm system even when there's no electricity available. However, if you don't have regular maintenance done on your fire alarm system, it's possible that the backup battery could fail during an outage.

3) You May Have Incorrectly Trained Staff Members

If your employees aren't trained correctly on how their fire protection systems work, they won't know how to use them properly during an emergency situation. This can cause delays in getting help from firefighters or paramedics when needed, which could lead to serious consequences for both the people inside the building and those outside who might be nearby when an emergency strikes.

4) You Could Get A Fine

In Australia, the laws surrounding fire protection systems are very strict. If you don't have the right equipment in place and it doesn't work correctly during an emergency, you could be fined for failing to meet your legal obligations as an employer. You could also be fined if you don't have a fire protection system in place and it causes injury or damage to people or property. 

To find out more about fire system maintenance, including what you need to do to ensure your fire protection system is working correctly, contact a qualified expert. For more information on fire system maintenance, contact a company near you.


1 March 2023

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