Which Septic Tank Do You Need?

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You use water everyday for washing, cleaning your home, and flushing the toilet, and most of the time you probably do not think about it at all. While water usage may seem unimportant sometimes, you do need to consider what happens to your wastewater. If you move into a property which is not connected to the main water system, then you will need to purchase a septic tank to treat your wastewater.

24 October 2019

Two ways to create a healthy environment for the people who work at your industrial facility

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Working in any type of industrial facility can take its toll on a person's health. If you would like to make more of an effort to provide the people who work at your facility with a healthy environment, the advice provided here could help you to do this. Take action immediately if your air quality consultant observes a decline in your facility's air quality. Because industrial businesses often use dozens of chemicals as well as fume-generating equipment when manufacturing their products, the people who run these businesses must have the air quality in their facilities tested regularly.

16 October 2019

5 Surprising Places to Find Asbestos

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Many people know that insulating materials used in the construction of old buildings can contain asbestos, but did you know that this dangerous material can crop up in a lot of other places? Here are a few places where you might not expect to find asbestos, but where it can be a risk: 1. Kitchen Appliances If you are still using kitchen appliances that are several decades old, you could be at risk of asbestos exposure.

7 October 2019

Fire Warden Training: Fire Safety Risk Assessment Procedure

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Fire risk assessment is a procedural evaluation of possible fire risk factors, the likelihood of a fire and potential damages. Carrying out a fire risk assessment is mandatory in virtually all commercial buildings. The evaluation needs to be carried out by a competent person with the necessary training and experience. You can choose to assess if you are qualified enough (for example, if you have taken a fire warden training course) or hire a professional to do it on your behalf.

27 September 2019