5 Surprising Places to Find Asbestos

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Many people know that insulating materials used in the construction of old buildings can contain asbestos, but did you know that this dangerous material can crop up in a lot of other places? Here are a few places where you might not expect to find asbestos, but where it can be a risk:

1. Kitchen Appliances

If you are still using kitchen appliances that are several decades old, you could be at risk of asbestos exposure. Stove mats, crock-pots, and popcorn makers from previous decades have all been found to contain asbestos. The heat-proof property of the material made it attractive for manufacturers of cookware and kitchen accessories.

2. Outerwear

Certain types of protective clothing contain asbestos, including gloves, aprons, and helmets. Wearing these items of clothing can put you at risk of asbestos-related diseases, such as mesothelioma. This deadly condition takes many years or even decades to develop, which means you might not yet have noticed any ill effects of wearing clothing that contains asbestos. However, it is very important to get rid of this clothing as soon as possible, as wear and tear could release the asbestos fibres into the air where you could breathe them in.

3. Old Cars

Several parts in old cars, such as brake pads, clutch linings, and transmission parts, can contain asbestos. Driving the car causes these parts to wear down, releasing dangerous asbestos fibres. Next time you take your old car for a service, ask the mechanic about the possibility of asbestos parts having been used in its construction.

4. Toilets

Even toilets can contain asbestos. Some old cisterns contain asbestos because the addition of this material makes them stronger. The asbestos is unlikely to do any harm while the toilet is in place, but cracking the cistern during bathroom renovation could release harmful fibres. Be sure to use an asbestos testing service before remodelling your bathroom if you think there is a chance your toilet could contain asbestos.

5. Makeup

Manufacturers do not deliberately put anything as dangerous as asbestos in makeup, but it can be present due to ingredient contamination. Asbestos naturally forms in talc mines, which means that the talcum powder some makeup brands use in their products can be contaminated. Watch out for recall notices for the makeup products you use. You should also avoid using very old products that have been passed onto you by relatives or friends, as they are more likely to be contaminated.


7 October 2019

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